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I am raising funds for missionary support while serving in the Philippines. I am a full-time missionary . Being a missionary for these six years has taught me a lot of things and it has increased my faith in God tremendously. I am looking for (monthly) sponsors to help with monthly expenses like housing, gas, food,water, outreach programs, etc
How you can help:♥♥
The goal is to cover the cost of living and ministry outreach costs. I do community outreaches, Evangelism programs, discipleship programs, and Children outreaches

  • You can commit to pray for me on a regular basis and the work God is doing here.
  • You can commit to financially support. It is my hope and prayer that through your support, many people’s lives will be physically and spiritually transformed. Although this is a wild adventure that, six years ago, I would have never thought possible, the Lord has carried me through storms and valleys and brought me here today.

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Let’s join together through faith, hope and WHOLE LOT of prayer as a family who stands united in our pursuit to further the Kingdom of God.

I would like to add you to my monthly email update list. Aside from my regular blog posts that are available on this blog for all, my personal emails to my support team are private and are highly personalized just for you. I am excited to have you join this super cool special group of supporters who pray and generously give towards my most personal needs as I serve God in the Philippines, along with the direction in where the Lord is taking me on this crazy awesome journey of faith and ministry.